“.exe” gathers a group of young people working in the field of arts, club events and parties. The aim of “.exe” is to organize underground parties in Bulgaria. Each party takes place in a different location which is not repeated within a year. The thing that causes great interest to a different underground party is that it is promoted not only amongst electronic music lovers, but also amongst people who are one way or another related to the art circles.

EXE 2015
“.exe”s first event for the year was held in "CREATIVE HALL" studio on the 31st of December. To those who this name sounds familiar, probably associate it with photo shoots of the covers of magazines and numerous music videos of famous Bulgarian artists. The event brought together over 400 people.

The second edition of “.exe” took place at Boulderland, Paradise Center. The hall was transformed and decorated especially for the event. Seven DJs from the bulgarian and foreign scene took care of the music. More than 1,200 people showed great interest to the event.

The third event was organized and held at the well known film studios - Nu Boyana. One their studios was transformed into a party location with military subject. We also had the right to use part of the studio's own inventory. To Episode III was shown great interest and the event gained more than 1200 people.

EXE 2016
Event #4 took place in an abandoned super market on Nikola Vaptsarov Bul. The conception – transform the whole space into “THE BUTCHERY”. For this aim there was cinema props used from the Nu Boyana Film Studios. There was a huge interest of the event and the participants were more than 1200 people.

The fifth edition “REVIVE.EXE” was lead on 14th May 2016. Two floors from the “Brussels Business Center” were special transformed into two different topics – “Parallel Hell and Parallel Heaven”. The participants were more than 1500 people and the capacity of the two floors were absolutely full. For the good mood of the audience there were 9 artists (DJs), two of them very popular international DJs, which cost the amazing line up of the event. The doors opened at 22:30PM and they haven’t close until morning time 10:30AM.

The new line of Day Time events of EXE “DAY” was presented again at “Nu Boyana Film Studios” under lights of the sky on 25th June. The “New York” and the “London” sets became alive in 10 hours musical show with Carlo Ruetz, Kevin Knapp and the most attractive Bulgarian artists. After “DAY001” the followers and the interest of EXE escalate to the sky and the electronic scene in Bulgaria will never be the same.

EXE 2017
We are currently in the run of Episode VII and we will do our best to make it even better than the previous one as we always do. The date is 18th MARCH.